I keep track here of all the resources (mostly web) that I find exceptional and could interest anyone.


  • colormind.io: A palette generator (color scheme) based on deep learning
  • lospec: a nice database of palettes for pixel-art

Tutorials / Online books


General knowledge


This will be a list of software that I really like and help me on a daily basis, check it out ! Most will be Linux things, be don’t be afraid of Linux, he just wants to be your friend ! I encourage you to install Linux Mint, if you have never used any GNU/Linux operating system. You can install it alongside windows of iOS or even on a USB key ! Contact me if you need help ;)

With no order :

  • i3-wm : a tiling window manager that take some time to get used to, but will transform the way you use your computer. Caution : once you use it, you wont be able to use any non-tiling window manager. (tiling window manager : it places your windows automatically to take the maximum space).
  • Firefox : web browser that is fast, secure, synchronised and cares about you and not your data.
  • Clion, Pycharm : Code editor by jetbrains, very efficient IDEs for any language.
  • Vim: efficient and versatile file editor. See VimAwesome for best plugins.
  • Telegram : chat service that is secure, free software, and with the most features.
  • ranger : the best file manager ever, and it runs inside your terminal !